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Why should you establish your startup in Austria?

1756. Salzburg, Austria. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born. By the age of 6, he has already earned the nickname “Wunderkind” (“wonder child”) on account of his exceptional musical talent. He writes melodies so compelling that, centuries later, composers are still trying to imitate their effect. Today, the Austrian Federal Government is supporting the “wonder children” of our time: entrepreneurs who produce innovations and create sustainable business models. Austria has set itself the task of creating the best possible conditions for startup entrepreneurs. So why is Austria the perfect place to found your startup?

    // Austria is right in the center of Europe, where east meets west and north meets south

    // Active support for your startup from the Austrian Federal Government

    // Excellent infrastructure as a country of advanced technology

    // A blossoming startup scene with a great number of co-working spaces

    // Outstanding quality of living in Austria’s capital city, Vienna

    // A large network of business angels, early-stage investors and incubators

Get funding by the Austrian government or one of the many business angels.

Questions about aid packages? Get funding by the aws (Austrian federal promotional bank)

Questions about founding your startup? Get free consultation by the ABA (Austrian Business Agency)

Questions about funding programmes for research and development? Get free consultation by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency)

Questions about the Global Incubator Network? Have a look at our website www.gin-austria.com or contact us directly